Turn your iphone into undercover agent

Heya frnzz

Now turn your iphone and ipad in to secret agent, Apple with the launch spy application
assured us how to keep our third eye ON.

-Apple new manifest application describes methods that may enable your iPhone
and iPad to “sense” the user by

  • Detecting voice prints
  • Faces
  • Activity patterns
  • Heartbeats

-If unauthorized use is detected, many security measures could
be activated.

If the device detects that the user unauthorized, it can start clicking photos of unauthorized person
and sending them to an email account of owner, along with GPS coordinates, keystroke logs,
phone calls, and other activity. The owner would also be able to save any data remotely,
and easily sweep out the device after that.

The patent application seems to have supercharged features and it is now
available, coupled with new hardware and software features.

This shows that Apple increasing the security,especially for their increasing number of corporate clients.


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Capital is not ready for Common wealth Games-2010

These days if you happen to be in cannaught place early in the morning, you are likely to end up wondering whether you missed the war that reduced the market into shambles.

Dug up road, debris scattered on the pathway- this is CP in 2010.

the civic agency taking up more work than it could handle, connaught place has become a “no entry zone”.

Though the work will be wrapped up in a few days in connaught place, be prepared for next year when civic
agencies restart work to revive “CP” lost glory.The trader and customers who are already suffering will in
for tougher time.

How to murder deadlines:

  • april 5, 2010– Failed to meet it.
  • june 30, 2010– Again missed.
  • july 31, 2010– Missed.
  • august 31, 2010– Missed again.
  • september 7, 2010- Expected to finally get over, yet to see.

Blackberry Services Are Violating ISP Guidelines

Blackberry services in the country are violating the Internet Service Provider(ISP) guidelines on encryption of data.  According to guidelines a license has to seek prior permission of  the government  if the level of encyption is higher than 40-bits key length.

Blackberry has higher level of encryption that does’nt allow monitoring of enterprise email and messenger services. Government believes this can be misused by terrorist.

In case of blackberry the level of encryption is much higher and complex. The government has not given permission to any operator to start sevices with out setting up server. It seems to be strange the goverment continued to turned a blient eye fromm the last few years, it is taken so  casually, what is need for security guidelines.

Security agencies are unable to intercept and monitor backberry sevices because of complex encryption communication non-availability of blacberry servers in india.

However, there is no clear word if the company’s new sets of solution would enable continuous monitoring of encrypted data sent over blackberry enterprise sever(BES).

The home ministry had set an august 31 deadlines to make its enterprise server and messenger service accessible to   security agencies.

My debut blog

Howdy friends

This is my first  Formally published Blog.

My purpose here is to express my humble
passion for writing and share a bit of myself
with the world.

As this is my debut blog Therefor this  blog
is brief intro of mine.

I am no one but just a mango guy who has started
thought process.

Passion: “i do what i love and i love what i do”

please do write your comment and suggestion how do i improve
my blog writing as i am greenhorn in this field and  also tell
me what you guys want to read about.