Basic things we all should know about interview

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Interview is somthing where you need to sell yourself or more specifically . where you need to sell your skills.

Placement interviews last anywhere from 5-6 minutes to 30-40 minutes. However, you should not come to any conclusion about your chances based on the duration of the interview. A short interview is not necessarily bad. A long interview is not necessarily good.

Dress code: An interview is a formal occasion and you are expected to attend the same in formal wear. Casual wear like jeans, sneakers, etc. are ruled out. If you are a male, you should tuck your shirt in, use a tie and wear formal shoes. Shave on the morning of the interview – do not go for the interview with stubble. If you are a female, you can wear a dress or a saree or trouser and shirt. If you have long hair, neatly plait it or tend to it in a manner that it does not look unkempt. Read more of this post


How to crack DI section in CAT

The section of Logic and data interpretation of common admission test(CAT) is one of the most difficult and challenging, data interpretation is integral part of CAT since its inception.

The question that have appeared in DI, over the year can be classified under the following heads.

  • Table
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Network
  • Maxima minima
  • Games and tournament
  • Stacked bar

Major skills required to crack question any of these format are,

  1. Ability to understand and analyse difficult complicated data, and
  2. proficiency in serious number crunching.

The first skill mentioned is difficult to acquire but can be gained through regular practice. One way is is to start with the basic study material booklets in DI and workout all the DI sets, by this you will get fair idea what approach should be adopted to solve different type of question, Once booklets are done go for online sectional test.

After the completion of each online test, you should try to solve un-attempted sets. You should ensure this activity is time based.


The LDI section of test often practiced to be difficult and tricky.However hard work and sufficient practice, you can convert this area into a mojor strength.