The data in an Oracle database are stored in tablespaces.
• An Oracle database can be logically grouped into smaller logical areas of space known as tablespaces.
• A tablespace can belong to only one database at a time.
• Each tablespace consists of one or more operating system files, which are called data files.

Tablespaces in the Preconfigured oracle 10g Database
In general we have two types of tablespaces:
  1. System
  2. Non-System
  • SYSTEM tablespace:
  1. Created with the database
  2. Contains the data dictionary
  3. Contains the SYSTEM undo segment
  4. Should not contain user data, although it is allowed
  • Non-SYSTEM Tablespaces:
  1.  Enable more flexibility in database administration.


How to keep yourself free from the danger of password hacks

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According to survey, Your password should be at least 12 random characters long and include letters, numbers, and symbols, and if you want  yourself Free from danger of  brute force password hacks.  “‘Eight-character passwords key are not sufficient now .-If eight characters is all you use, and if you restrict your characters to only alphabetic letters, it can be cracked so easily.

-Here  I can obtain most of this info much easier than you think, after that I might  be able to get into your e-mail, computer, or online banking. And, if I get into one I’ll probably get into all of them.

-If you invited me to  try and crack your password how many guesses would it take before i guess it!! Here are some-

  • Your partner, child, or pet’s name, possibly followed by a 0 or 1
  • The last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • 123 or 1234 or 123456.
  • Your city, or college, football team name.
  • Date of birth – yours, your partner’s or your child’s.
  • god name
  • your lover name

I understand the need of choosing passwords that are easily remember to you,
But if you’re going to do that it might hacked.

Here are some sure shot tips :

1. Randomly substitute numbers for letters that look similar. The letter ‘o’ becomes the
number ‘0′,” a”  becomes “@”. (i.e. KOMAL–kom@l)
2. Randomly throw in capital letters (i.e. – K0M@l)
3. Think of something you were attached to when you were younger, but DON’T CHOOSE A PERSON’S NAME!
4. Maybe a place you loved, or a specific car, an attraction from a vacation, or a favorite restaurant?
Important Tip : You really need to have different username / password combinations for everything.

Remember, the technique is to break into anything you access just to figure out your standard password, then compromise everything else.

This doesn’t work if you don’t use the same password everywhere.

Once you’ve thought of a password, try Microsoft’s password strength tester to find out how secure it is.

I also realize that most people just don’t care about all this until it’s too late and they’ve learned a very hard lesson.
But why don’t you do  yourself, a favor and take a little action to strengthen your passwords key and let me know that
all the time I spent on this article wasn’t completely unproductive.

Please, be safe. It’s a jungle out there.


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Turn your iphone into undercover agent

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Now turn your iphone and ipad in to secret agent, Apple with the launch spy application
assured us how to keep our third eye ON.

-Apple new manifest application describes methods that may enable your iPhone
and iPad to “sense” the user by

  • Detecting voice prints
  • Faces
  • Activity patterns
  • Heartbeats

-If unauthorized use is detected, many security measures could
be activated.

If the device detects that the user unauthorized, it can start clicking photos of unauthorized person
and sending them to an email account of owner, along with GPS coordinates, keystroke logs,
phone calls, and other activity. The owner would also be able to save any data remotely,
and easily sweep out the device after that.

The patent application seems to have supercharged features and it is now
available, coupled with new hardware and software features.

This shows that Apple increasing the security,especially for their increasing number of corporate clients.


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Basic things we all should know about interview

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Interview is somthing where you need to sell yourself or more specifically . where you need to sell your skills.

Placement interviews last anywhere from 5-6 minutes to 30-40 minutes. However, you should not come to any conclusion about your chances based on the duration of the interview. A short interview is not necessarily bad. A long interview is not necessarily good.

Dress code: An interview is a formal occasion and you are expected to attend the same in formal wear. Casual wear like jeans, sneakers, etc. are ruled out. If you are a male, you should tuck your shirt in, use a tie and wear formal shoes. Shave on the morning of the interview – do not go for the interview with stubble. If you are a female, you can wear a dress or a saree or trouser and shirt. If you have long hair, neatly plait it or tend to it in a manner that it does not look unkempt. Read more of this post

Chocolates-despite taste they are heart friendly too

Chocolates have been around for many years, but besides being mood lifters, their consumption also has great benefits on general health.

Go for Dark Chocolate:
Dark chocolate has far more antioxidants than milk or white chocolate and also Dark chocolate contains a large number of   antioxidants, nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries.
Addition of this, dark chocolate is good for your heart. A small bar of it a day can help you to keep your heart and cardiovascular system running well.
Two heart health benefits of dark chocolate are:

  1. Lower Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that consuming a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can reduce blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure.
  2. Lower Cholesterol: Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce  cholesterol  by up to 10 percent.

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Capital is not ready for Common wealth Games-2010

These days if you happen to be in cannaught place early in the morning, you are likely to end up wondering whether you missed the war that reduced the market into shambles.

Dug up road, debris scattered on the pathway- this is CP in 2010.

the civic agency taking up more work than it could handle, connaught place has become a “no entry zone”.

Though the work will be wrapped up in a few days in connaught place, be prepared for next year when civic
agencies restart work to revive “CP” lost glory.The trader and customers who are already suffering will in
for tougher time.

How to murder deadlines:

  • april 5, 2010– Failed to meet it.
  • june 30, 2010– Again missed.
  • july 31, 2010– Missed.
  • august 31, 2010– Missed again.
  • september 7, 2010- Expected to finally get over, yet to see.

Mantra for healthy way to live life-“live vegetarian”


1 No deficiencies. There is no nutrient necessary for optimal human functioning which cannot be obtained from plant food.

2 Easy substitutes. There are vegetable based substitutes for every meat product imaginable.


1 Love of animals. I love animals as I love myself. I have no desire to kill them or cause them harm.

2 Clear conscience. I know what I’m doing is right. I feel good inside about my decision to remain “meatless”

3 To live this way is to protect the underlying values of those around me.

4 Respect for Sentient Life. I show gratitude to my Creator by eating as low on the food chain as possible.

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