Basic things we all should know about interview

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Interview is somthing where you need to sell yourself or more specifically . where you need to sell your skills.

Placement interviews last anywhere from 5-6 minutes to 30-40 minutes. However, you should not come to any conclusion about your chances based on the duration of the interview. A short interview is not necessarily bad. A long interview is not necessarily good.

Dress code: An interview is a formal occasion and you are expected to attend the same in formal wear. Casual wear like jeans, sneakers, etc. are ruled out. If you are a male, you should tuck your shirt in, use a tie and wear formal shoes. Shave on the morning of the interview – do not go for the interview with stubble. If you are a female, you can wear a dress or a saree or trouser and shirt. If you have long hair, neatly plait it or tend to it in a manner that it does not look unkempt.

How to prepare yourself prior to interview:

Before the interview, prepare specifically on the company by gathering information about them from magazines, seniors and friends working there and the company website.

Check out basic like revenue, net profit, growth, spread across countries/states, take overs, domains/areas of specialisation,products, awards won, latest news, corporate governance etc.

This will give you ample information to be prepared for this question.

-The main qualities that interviewer look for in the candidates are:

  • Level of knowledge the candidates possesses
  • Conceptual understanding of issues
  • Clarity of thought
  • Communication skills
  • Planning of career
  • Basic personality
  • Reacting to a situation

Knowledge is the single most important attribute that the interviewers look for in the candidates.
The candidate should have a proper understanding of the issues involved. Whether it is the subjects that you studied in college or it is other areas that you claim to have knowledge in (like computers and software), the panel members will be interested not just in the marks scored in exams but also your basic conceptual understanding of various issues involved.

-Hence, a candidate should prepare on a range of areas/questions like:

  • Self introduction
  • Subject Knowledge/specialization
  • Awareness about the domains/areas where the company is operating
  • Career related questions
  • Personality related questions
  • Hobbies/Interests/Extra-curricular activities

If i talk about weakness, there will hardly be any human being without any weaknesses. So, don’t worry about mentioning your weaknesses in an interview.It will not go against you. What the interviewers will be interested in is how well you are able to assess yourself, and after identifying your weaknesses, what action you are taking to overcome such weaknesses.

Do not ever believe that the interviewers are asking you questions that are not relevant to the selection process.
In an interview, there is nothing like an irrelevant question. Remember that the interviewer is trying to assess you based on how you react to situations.

In general, “honesty is the best policy” in an interview. You should try to have a genuinely pleasant expression on your face. Smile often.


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  1. Nitin says:

    Good going buddy.. just keep on doing the work.. wish u all the best..

    all the blogs are good and knowledgeable..

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