Capital is not ready for Common wealth Games-2010

These days if you happen to be in cannaught place early in the morning, you are likely to end up wondering whether you missed the war that reduced the market into shambles.

Dug up road, debris scattered on the pathway- this is CP in 2010.

the civic agency taking up more work than it could handle, connaught place has become a “no entry zone”.

Though the work will be wrapped up in a few days in connaught place, be prepared for next year when civic
agencies restart work to revive “CP” lost glory.The trader and customers who are already suffering will in
for tougher time.

How to murder deadlines:

  • april 5, 2010– Failed to meet it.
  • june 30, 2010– Again missed.
  • july 31, 2010– Missed.
  • august 31, 2010– Missed again.
  • september 7, 2010- Expected to finally get over, yet to see.


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